Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Make web 2.0 logos with Fireworks

Open Macromedia Fireworks.

Creat a new document 421x150.

Write your text. I use "Break Design logo. The font i use is "trebuchet ms", font size 50px, bold style and colour "#99CC00"

The first photo:

After i use the following styles: color -> fill options -> Texture: Line-Diag 1 50% -> Gradient: Linear (you can play how much fading is the color). The result is:

Then, i make a copy of the logo and i flip it vertical (Modify -> Transform -> Flip vertical)

Then i make a rectangle box (same size as the logo). I modify it like this -> color: white -> Blend mode: Erase -> Edge: Feather 25%. Then the box i place it on top of the vertically flip logo.

Thats is. I play with other colors. Have a look.

Color: #333333

Color: #FF6600

The .png file:


Anonymous said...

Thanks! This really helped me out.

Break Design team said...

it was my pleasure.

Haris said...


I've just found your blog completely by chance. i have to say that i'm really impressed by your work.
Congratulations!!! i'm trying to currently to involved as well in web design and trying to make my own blog but unfortunately i'm still struggling with almost everything! :)
One of the many questions that i have.. :) how you make all of your photos in the blog to appear from Picasa?
I also really liked the logo idea! how you did that?
Many thanks!i'll definitely keep watching your blog.I hope you will find some time to answer my questions.
Take it easy!

Break Design said...

"how you make all of your photos in the blog to appear from Picasa?"

i don't know. Check at Picasa site for more info or google it.

"I also really liked the logo idea! how you did that?"

I explain above how i did the logo. What you don't understand?

Jacktech2007 said...

Very cool logo design! I'm starting a similar blog based in video tutorials.

John Powell said...

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