Friday, January 11, 2008

Create a beer mat with fireworks

Because beer mat looks always dirty and wet we have to represent this things. We can do this using an old paper like the below.

Create a beer mat with fireworks

We will use the old paper effect after. First you have to create a rectangle 350x350px and give to it the following characteristics:

color -> #663300
rectangle roundness ->20%
texture -> NN_fractal256_hline2noise

If you don't have this texture you can take it from the image below

Create a beer mat with fireworks

The result will be this

Create a beer mat with fireworks

Then you can make a border for the mat and write some text. For the border is a rectangle with no fill color, just border color (#FFFFFF white) and tip size 2px. Also I add to the border noise from the effect list.
Add some text also.

Finally, we will give the old paper effect to the beer mat. what we have to do is to give to the old paper from the effects list the effect Convert to Alpha.

Fix the corners with eraser tool, I do it very fast so forgive me if it is not perfect

Other colors

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