Friday, February 1, 2008

Few SEO Tips

Few SEO Tips

Few SEO tips i gather thought time that was really helpful and successful.

Few tips about your site (Internal SEO)

  1. Good, rich and unique content.
  2. Try not to steal from other websites, search engines can detect duplicate content after a while and then they will ban your links.
  3. Good use of h1,h2... tags. Try to use only one h1 tag on every page. "h1" is important because it is the text that describes the content of the page. You can use h2 and h3 tags for other text. Remember h1 represents the most important text of the page and all the others the less important text.
  4. Use good and unique titles for your page.
  5. Use good keywords.
  6. Give a brief and scheme description of your site.
  7. When you use links it is better to give to them title=" .....".
  8. When you use images use both alt="...." and title=".....", so the search engines understand what kind of image is.
  9. Try to give a more understandable name to your images. For example it is better to name an image "my_cat_Nora.gif" instead of using the name "DC12345.gif".
  10. Be patient, if you follow this rules the search engines will reward your effort.
  11. if you use a link to an external source use the HTML attribute rel="nofollow". This mean that the crawlers of the search engines will not follow that link.
External SEO
  1. List your site in directories (i recommend free ones).
  2. Make partnership with other related sites and exchange links.
  3. Write articles in other sites which will link and advertise your site.

I am sure that you can find more tips, but i think this are the basics ones. I hope it will help.